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SSH Automation is the appointed distributor for Hanshin parts feeders in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We possess the relevant knowledge and experience to recommend the most suitable product based on your needs. If you would like to find out more regarding the specifications of our parts feeders, please download our catalogue.

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Piezoelectric Feeders

The piezoelectric parts feeder series is driven by piezo resonators which produce finer vibrations. This makes the piezoelectric feeders suitable for light / precise components such as plastic caps, IC chips, transistors and capacitors. Piezoelectric feeders are also tremendously power-saving, consuming only a fraction of the power compared to electromagnetic feeders.

Electromagnetic Feeders

Driven by powerful electromagnetic coil(s), the electromagnetic parts feeder series is robust and suitable for feeding heavy loads. We carry the MB-series bowl feeders and ML-series linear feeders. Used with variable frequency controllers VMC-series, Hanshin electromagnetic feeders can operate from 100V- 230V.

Controllers & others

Besides the bowl and linear feeder, we also carry a range of controllers that provide various functionalities such as stop/start time-delay and variable voltage/frequency. Furthermore, we can provide support in related equipment such as hopper feeders, elevator systems, table structure, sound-proofing enclosures, polyurethane coating, CNC machined bowl and etc.

Case Studies & Solutions

CNC Machined Aluminium Bowl with Piezoelectric Feeders (Electronics Industry)

(Watch above video in HD version for better clarity)

Problem: 1 directional output for IC chip with complicated pattern (L 2mm x W 2mm) and approximately 150 parts per minute.

Solution: SSH Automation designed a CNC bowl feeder system with the use of Hanshin piezoelectric feeders to produce the desired requirements for our customer. 

Note: The CNC vibratory parts feeding system is suitable for customers making tape and reel, quality inspection and electronics assembly machines. Some of the items we can feed with the CNC bowl feeder are QFN, SOT, MLCC, LED and etc. The consistent and accurate flow of components can help improve cycle time limited by orientating/ flipping mechanism.

Vibratory Bowl Feeder with Multiple Tracks Linear Feeder (Cosmetic Industry)

(Watch above video in HD version for better clarity)

Rising production costs due to higher labor costs in Indonesia.

Solution: Together with the automation department of our customer, we developed multiple tracks bowl feeders to improve the production yield and lower overall cost in production. 

Note: Polyurethane coating/ 3M brushlon type of material could be applied on our bowl and linear feeders to reduce scratches and maintain cosmetic appearance. For large components, we are also able to design centrifugal feeders (mostly used in the F&B industry) to best suit our customer requirements. 

About us

SSH Automation is a progressive company established in 1991. For over 20 years, we have been actively involved in the design and fabrication of vibratory parts feeders for our customers from various industries. Specialized in the area of automation engineering, we value-add by providing a one-stop solution for vibratory feeding equipment and metalworking/ machining services.  


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